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How to Run a PROACTIVE Real Estate Wholesale Business 
Anyone ever heard of the term (I personally dislike) Flipping? This term is used to aggrandize the time tested phrase; Buy low, Sell high. This strikes directly at the heart of flipping. Except that when you are a flipper you are really wholesaling property. Successful wholesalers leave a little meat on the bone. Hence the more appropriate, buy lower…..sell low.

A flipper is a real estate investor that engages a property (be it through an option or a straight-up, and assignable, contract). The flipper then attempts to sell the property quickly at a price something less than the retail market value. The sale is consummated by the flippers buyer either by executing upon the option or by taking assignment of the flippers contract.

In my day we simply referred to this sort of real estate investor activity as wholesaling. In my day, wholesalers never did rehab and always left a little on the table for the next investor to make-a-buck.

A successful and PROACTIVE real estate wholesaler has their finger on the pulse of the market. They also have several very fluid sources for property.

This training will move you to the head of the class of local wholesalers. You will be taught exactly where to find properties and what exactly to say to the seller to get them to consider your offers.

If you want to learn about wholesaling real estate, this training cannot be missed.