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Florida State Certified Surplus Trustee Training

– This Training Puts You on Track to Run Your Own Trustee Business

A Florida State Certified Surplus Trustee entitles the holder to work in the very lucrative field of foreclosure surplus recovery.

After a foreclosure sale is held, in the event the auction produces an amount of money over what is required to satisfy the plaintiff, the law provides that (after 60 days) a trustee be appointed to collect the funds for the previous property owner.

You’ll be exposed to the required skills such as understanding foreclosure legal documents, how to hire an attorney and what you should pay them, how to locate and what to say to property owners, how to establish entitlement to surplus funds and much, much more.

In this course, you’ll learn’

  • How to approach every sale BEFORE and/or WITHOUT being appointed
  • How to lock your clients up without fear of being undercut by competitors
  • Learn how to use our ironclad surplus agreement
  • We’ll provide all the requirements for licensure
  • Learn the best way to market your services to property owners
  • You’ll learn how to read foreclosure docket sheets in order to keep a handle on each of your pending files

You’ll be taught everything we’ve learned during my 20 years of surplus recovery experience, including 2 years as a surplus trustee.

If you ever wanted to be in business for yourself or wished for a way to create a substantial and predictable second steam of income, THIS IS YOU CHANCE!