Donna Zalter – Real Estate Agent

“Rich Meyer is a font of wisdom when it comes to all aspects of Real Estate, especially the “Default” areas! Informative and inspiring” read more

John Moore

“When I first got into this business, Rich promised that, if I worked really hard and if I had files that were ‘in the hopper’, that he would help me. Rich has taken care of me the way he said he would & I’m very grateful that he is man of integrity & did exactly what he said.”

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Benny Higdon

“Before this session, I hadn’t heard a lot about the foreclosure surplus or the fact that you, as a trustee, could represent the owner & help them recover money that they might otherwise not even know about.. Rich is very knowledgable, hes very patient. Hes able to explain concepts that you may not be familiar with, in a way that you can understand.!” read more