Tax Deeds Investing Full Class from Default Investors Association on Vimeo.

The PROACTIVE Tax Deed Auction Investor

– How to Prepare, Bid and Win at Tax Deed Auctions

Tax deed auctions play a big part in my company’s property acquisition strategy. I’ve been purchasing tax deeds for over 25 years and have had considerable success with them. But just like any other investment vehicle, there is some risk. Most of the risk can be mitigated by simply knowing where the land mines are buried. Fortunately, you come to the right place for help with that.

In my tax deed auction investing course you will learn;

  • How and when to prepare for the auction. Tax deed auctions get cancelled so frequently that knowing how and when to prepare will save you $1,000.00’s of dollars per year in due diligence costs.
  • How to avoid potential giant landmines like municipal liens, code violations and homestead tax assessment issues.
  • How to get a “Refund” of your purchase price over 50% of the time!

I know what you’re saying to yourself, “but Rich, a tax deed eliminates most everything listed on the county title report (including any mortgages) and (at least in south Florida) the excess funds should be able to address what’s not eliminated.” Really? I’m going to suggest that just this portion of my training will save you 10X what you paid for this course. You need me dude (dude’et)! Now, let’s continue.

  • The best way to obtain clear title, and it’s not the same way for each property!
  • Understanding FS 197 and the protections offered to tax deed investors
  • How to obtain possession of your new property
  • How to identify, locate and secure money with which to bid


In this class, you will have at your disposal 25 years of my hands-on, face-on-the-glass, sometimes profit and sometimes loss tax deed auction investing career. You won’t believe the amount of substance to this course. It’s truly one of my best.