The PROACTIVE Pre-Auction Investor

How to Profit from LP’s, TXC and TXD Applications

When a property owner defaults on either their obligation under a mortgage or on the payment of tax owed on real property, the grieving party may elect a remedy that attempts to force payment by selling the security (the property).

When the grieving party is a mortgagee the first event eventually leading to foreclose is the filing in the official public records of the county in which the subject property is situated is the filing of a Lis Pendens (Latin for litigation pending). The filing of the LP is a signal to every knowledgeable real estate investor to begin working on this property.

Tax deeds are a little different because there is no public filing, thus no starting gun. The events are similar in that the owner needs the help of an educated and knowledgeable real estate investor.

  • How to select properties with the most potential upside
  • The best way to contact the property owner and what to say
  • The best strategies available for each specific situation
  • How to locate delinquent tax real property owners
  • How to structure a tax deal to produce to most safety and profit
  • How to have money-investors begging to fund your deals
  • Understand the moving parts in order to structure your best deal with your money-lender

This is a great course to begin real estate investing. Once you learn the basics of LP’s and Tax certificates you be able to either, continue to pound away at big profits and/or eventually move up the real estate investor food chain.

Investing in real estate is a hard, competitive, risky and time-consuming business. There are better ways to grow passive income streams.

One of the more attractive factors in this type of investing, you don’t need any money. If you’ve put the deal together right, you’ll have money investors fighting to fund your deals.