Richard Meyer

After college, Rich worked his way up the corporate real estate ladder to become the broker and owner of ERA Prestige Realty. For the next few years he grew Prestige to a formidable 4 office operation with over 250 full time agents and exceeding 45M in annual sales each year in business. This of course this is when 45M meant something.

After a divorce, he sold the real estate offices and went to work for a leading foreclosure law firm where he studied the legal aspects of real property law, the election of remedies and foreclosure litigation.

In 1993 his expert understanding of the consequences of default lead him to begin investing in foreclosure and tax deed auction properties. To date he has participated in the acquisition and sale of over 1800 (and counting!) auction properties (not REO’s!).

Rich’s default mastery has helped him to create multiple streams of income from Tax Deed auctions, Foreclosure auctions and especially surplus funds location and recovery. Rich has personally participated in surplus funds recovery in an amount over 9 million dollars.

In 2003 Rich’s business model became more focused on an off-the-beaten-path-investment in defaulted mortgages and notes. All in all, he’s purchased 1000’s of non-institutional first and second mortgages and institutional second mortgage notes.

Lastly Rich also remains extremely active in the field of (defaulted consumer debt) judgment collections. Rich currently receives over $12,600.00 per month in passive income resulting from monthly settlement payments from various judgment debtors.

Rich is a member of Real Estate Owned Managers Association of California (REOMAC), a member of the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) and a platinum member of Broward Real Estate Investors Association (BREIA).

Rich’s experience and real-life examples in the field of default investing creates a powerful yet enlightening narrative that has been enjoyed by real estate investors of all interests and levels of experience.

Jose Peña

Jose started out his Real Estate career, while still in college, as a Licensed Realtor with Keyes Company back in 1987. In 1993, Jose began his investing career by recognizing the opportunities that Hurricane Andrew created as home owners were collecting insurance money and walking away from their properties for pennies on the dollar. In the following 3 years, Jose would learn the trials and tribulations of rehabbing. Materials were scarce, and although contractors were flooding the area from all parts of the country, you were lucky if you could find one that wasn’t a crook, and that’s not including roofers! After being taken by several roofers and contractors who took deposits and were never heard from or seen again, Jose was forced to recruit some friends as partners and completed the rehabs using nothing but the sweat equity from his friends and partners. After a brief hiatus, Jose met his mentor Rich Meyer at a local investment club where he was introduced to a whole new world of making money in Real Estate. With Rich’s coaching and guidance, Jose quickly became a seasoned Surplus recovery agent bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in business. Today, Jose manages all their rehabs and properties, and oversees their training center where he and Rich teach students, hands on, the business of making money in Real Estate.



Jordan Oates

Jordan is no stranger to hard work and the 9 to 5…

He loves helping people that need it the most as well as teaching others to do the same.

He has great experience in the areas of default and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the students and members of the Default Investor Association.

His determination and focus has lead him to realize many successes and along the way he has changed many live in amazing ways.

Feel free to email him any time!