Coming 2018!

The PROACTIVE Foreclosure Auction Investor
How to Prepare, Bid and Win at Foreclosure Auctions

In this class you will learn;

  • How to register and establish your online bidding account
  • How and when to prepare for the sale
  • How to select the right properties to bid on based on your exit strategy
  • How to determine the status of the plaintiff (1st or 2nd mortgagee)
  • How to profitably bid on association and condo lien foreclosures
  • Understand the foreclosure litigation process from LP to possession
  • How to create a bidding war for your properties
  • How to address and overcome objections
  • How to scour the docket sheet for potential problems

I’ve personally purchased over 1900 foreclosures in Florida and read 10’s of thousands of title searches during my 30+ year career purchasing foreclosures. In this jam-packed seminar I discuss all my real-life experiences at live foreclosure auctions throughout the State of Florida.

I challenge anyone to find a training course more on point and informative than this anywhere in the nation. I also promise to disclose the very best way to locate money for your foreclosure investing as well as cough-up the name and contact information of my current foreclosure lenders.

This training can be purchased in written (downloadable) form but just like all our training classes, it’s much better live.