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Final Judgment Recovery in Florida
– Location, Assignment and Recovery of Final Judgments

Everyone has a soft spot. A little pressure on that spot can accomplish a lot. In this course, you will learn to first identify then apply pressure to a judgment debtors soft spot.

Think about it …..where’s your soft spot? I bet I can find it!

Imagine understanding the legal system enough to put it to good use collecting, what others might have thought to be, uncollectable debt.

In our nation over 80% of monetary awards of money (in the form of final judgments) go forever uncollected. In the state of Florida, the uncollected number is closer to 89%. Florida after all is known as a “debtors” state.

Lawyers go to law school to become licensed. They certainly don’t learn the business of law, or final judgment recovery for that matter. In this training, we combine the use of lawyers with street collection knowledge in an effort to put pressure on the soft spot of any judgment debtor.

  • Learn my proprietary approach to the business of final judgment recovery which virtually guarantees your financial success
  • Generate 1000’s of dollars in passive income per month
  • Work part time or full time from home
  • You have no way to influence the market price of your investment
  • You’ll learn how to harness the power of subpoenas
  • You’ll also learn how to master the massive leverage of “non-party subpoenas”
  • Learn how to turn an unsecured debt into a secured debt
  • Learn everything necessary to garnish bank accounts and execute an auto levy
  • Learn the 4 reasons that older judgments are more valuable (here’s a clue, it has nothing to do with the juicy accruing interest)

I’ll teach you exactly how to locate judgments and precisely what to say to judgment holders to secure an assignment. The strategies and tactics taught in this course once applied, will quickly establish a passive income stream for many years to come.

This course is absolutely my favorite business opportunity. Freedom of time, work from anywhere, make tons of money all while wielding the power of the legal system.