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I am an expert in default investment and how to profit from various default opportunities
My business is focused on, and revolves around, the many events of default and the resulting money making opportunities that lie out of the sight or consideration of most.

Once someone decides to attempt to make money in real estate investment they first must decide where to begin (the proper form of investment). Each individual “investor” has many options when trying to determine how to get the biggest BANG for their investment dollar.

While most investors begin “wholesaling” or “flipping” these once exciting investment options soon can become tired and worn-out. The amount of senseless competition that drive prices too high, the cost of money and the inability to acquire and maintain a reasonable inventory to just name a few.

And to name just a few more……..there’s the liability of actually having to take possession, (or in the alternative) assign a contract for skinny money, the cost of the rehab (if any), closing costs, real property taxes, insurance, getting your buyer qualified, dealing with your hard money guy (or gal), property maintenance, property inspectors (who must justify their fee by beating the heck out of your property), buyers’ attorney, real estate agents, getting the property under contract, code officers, or lord forbid a short-sale, and then actually closing (hopefully without having to write a check)……Whew.

You get the idea. Have you considered that there might be a better way to invest? Hold onto that thought.

Typical investors probably use (something close to) these units of measure when trying to determine the best form of investment;

  • Can I measure the risk involved and is the risk worth the return?
  • Can I obtain financing so as to leverage my investment dollars?
  • Is there a lot of competition?
  • Can I obtain inventory?
  • Do I have the education and know-how enough to consider throwing my money at this sort of investment?

You can see how many forms of real estate investing can easily fail the above test;

  • Sensible and cost effective Foreclosure education is tough to find, the same can be said about tax deeds auction investment. Not to mention obtaining enough cash to scale your business can be tough or very expensive.
  • Surplus funds are great but they’re not available in every State.
  • Credit card and consumer debt is fun and profitable but it takes a little time to get ramped-up, the same can be said about final judgment recovery.
  • What about investing in defaulted mortgages……? BINGO!

Let’s look at the above units of measure and how they play-out with investment in defaulted mortgages (both pools and one-offs).

  • Can I measure the risk involved and is the risk worth the return?

Each mortgage investment offers different risk levels depending on your exit strategy. Short term and Long term investment exit strategies need to be calculated. However the amount of your returns investing in mortgages can exceed an investment in the actual real estate by 25-50%. The amount of risk involved in taking possession of real property (for me at least) exceeds (most) any potential return.

  • Can I obtain financing so as to leverage my investment dollars?

I have developed a presentation aimed at lenders that will have them begging to fund your deals. Don’t you worry yourself over the money part, just leave it to me.

  • Is there a lot of competition?

For the larger, national pools there is some competition. But it’s competition that we won’t be seeing (at least in the near term) and it’s not the same sort of reduce-your-potential-profit-to-18 cents-competition (like in wholesaling).

The short answer is there will be little or no competition for the loans we’ll find or be offered.

  • Can I obtain inventory?

Inventory can be found in several locations. This depends on how much you have to invest and your exit strategy among other factors. Also the type of default that best fits your recovery model needs to be considered. The short answer is certainly. You should be assessing your first pool or one-off within the first 15 days of working.

  • Do I have the education and know-how enough to consider throwing my money at this sort of investment?

Finally………. This is where I come in.

I have been involved in several multi-million dollar mortgage pools. Some of which I was a principle in the purchase while others I was hired (on a fee basis) to provide due diligence insight. I prepared and presented predictive outcome forecast models for the pools I worked. Due diligence is my specialty within a specialty.

I urge you to take advantage of my training when I come to your city. I promise you won’t be sorry. I’ll make you a better, wiser, more well-rounded and profitable investor.

There you have it, the benefits of investing in defaulted mortgage pools (and one-offs) in on place. The rest is up to you.

If you belong to an investment club, urge to officers to contact me. I’d love to speak at your investment club or event. Also be on the lookout for a personal appearance invitation when an event forms in your State.